Who We Are

Lion Goodman

Lion Goodman

415.472.6500, San Rafael, California, Lion@BeliefCloset.com, www.TransformYourBeliefs.com Specialty: Founder and Creator of The BeliefCloset Process, Lion works with coaches, therapists, senior executives, and entrepreneurs to expand their perspectives, awaken infinite possibilities, and ensure success in their endeavors. He is a trained True Purpose Coach and utilizes a wide variety of methodologies to empower individuals to shine their greatest light into the world.

Virginia McKinnie

610-585-1441, Malvern, Pennsylvania, vmckinnie@comcast.net Virginia works with those who are stuck in their creative expression, or want to use writing as a tool for accessing their unconscious. Creative blocks permeate all aspects of life, and arise from deep wounds and old beliefs. Clearing beliefs opens up the channel for creative expression.

Maria Garcia

610-933-3435, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, mariajgarcia@verizon.net Maria works with people who want to make sustained positive shifts in their personal lives and relationships, gain clarity about their life purpose, and want to shift from work &career to Right Livelihood. Her clients experience a sense of clarity, openness and freedom, and an increase in enthusiasm for life. She says “The BeliefCloset Process is the best tool I’ve found for permanently discreating destructive and limiting beliefs and replacing them with ones that empower and support creativity and healing.”