Clear Your Beliefs Program


Your limitations are created by your beliefs.
Change your beliefs, and those limitations disappear.
Your possibilities become unlimited


The Clear Your Beliefs Coaching Program is Custom-designed for YOU and Your Life

  • Release pain, hurt and trauma from the past
  • Open yourself to deeper, more profound love
  • Recognize your True Self – your spiritual nature
  • Become less reactive and more peaceful
  • Discover the Source of your personal power
  • Open yourself to new possibilities and success
  • Eliminate blocks and barriers – simply and easily
  • Discover your true life purpose and manifest it
  • Express your true magnificence in the world

Why This Coaching Program Creates Miracles

  • Your beliefs are the foundational structure at the core of your subconscious mind.  Like a computer operating system, they determine most of what you experience, and shape what you CAN experience. Your beliefs are the source of your joy or misery, happiness or depression, ease and flow or resistance, healthy relationships or repeated upsets, a flow of abundance or limitations in your life.
  • The Clear Your Beliefs Coaching Program is custom designed for YOU and your unique personal needs. We will guide you through the process of eliminating negative and limiting beliefs,  and reprogramming your Human Operating System.
  • Using proprietary processes and techniques, we work with all three levels of your mind: 1) the Subconscious, 2) the Conscious, aware self, and 3) the Superconscious Mind, or Higher Self. When you change all three aspects at once, you feel different immediately. Internal resistance melts away like magic. Old patterns are simply gone – and they don’t return.
  • You are empowered at every step.  We show you how to determine what you want and how to get it. We help you reprogram your inner landscape, where beliefs and inner voices live. Unlike hypnosis and other belief-change techniques, we don’t tell you what to believe, or what’s good for you. You remain in control of the process at all times, and over time, you learn to do the process on your own.
  • Unlike other methodologies, the changes you make are permanent – your old beliefs and patterns don’t return. You become truly free to create the life you want.  You are truly empowered as the source of your own creation.
  • Every step of the way, you are gently guided by a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach.  The initial 9-session protocol is guaranteed to produce results – or your money back. 

Why Aren’t You Living the Life Of Your Dreams Right Now?

shiftYou’re seeking a better life. You’ve been on the path of personal growth for some time. You’ve tried many methods and teachers. You’ve had some breakthrough experiences and epiphanies. You’ve made progress toward your goals…

Yet you continue to fall back into old habits and patterns. In some ways, life remains a struggle against your own internal blocks and resistance, preventing you from moving forward with ease and grace.

What If You Could Permanently Delete Old Habits And Patterns – So They Didn’t Come Back?

There are hundreds of teachers and organizations offering the next miracle cure for what they believe ails you. They promise to improve some area of your life or business. Yet their “fixes” tend to wear off over time. After you spend your money and do the work, you feel revved up,  and ready to create your new life. However …

Two weeks later, you find yourself doing most of the same things in the same way you were doing before. Your old issues return to haunt you once again. Nothing significant seems to have changed. You’re not taking the consistent actions required to reach your goals or change your life.  You may think that there must be something wrong with you.

Why Does This Happen?

brainMost efforts to create internal change are “outside-in” approaches. You try new habits, or thoughts. You say affirmations over and over,  or you become accountable and take actions toward your goal. But these effort fail eventually, because the INNER DRIVERS of your thoughts and behavior haven’t changed.

The real cause behind your habits of mind, negative emotions and reactive behavior are the early programs – the beliefs – that reside deep in the psyche.  To change them, you need an “inside-out” approach.

There’s a myth that’s says: “It takes 30 days to change a habit?”  It’s not true. Research has shown that you can change some simple habits in 30 days, but significant life changes take much more time, effort and practice.

The brain’s ability to change over time is called neuroplasticity. It can take months – or years – of hard work to shift old patterns of behavior – especially the deep, core patterns that keep getting in our way. New habits will replace old ones if you apply consistent, steady efforts – but most people give up long before that happens.

To Make Real Change, You’ve Got to Get to the Root


If you cut off a weed at the ground level, it just grows back – again and again. You have to pull it up by the root in order to permanently get rid of it.

The best doctors seek the source of a dis-ease – they don’t just treat the symptoms.  Symptom-allieving drugs make you feel better for awhile, but the symptoms can come back, because the cause of the problem – where the illness is being generated – hasn’t been healed.

What is at the root of the habits and patterns in your life that cause you so much unhappiness?

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Beliefs Are the Foundational Structure of Your Experience

The vast majority of your psychological, emotional, and physical experience is caused by your beliefs. (The rest is caused by the physical realities of your circumstances, physiology, and environmental factors.) 

Most people think of beliefs as consciously held convictions – but our most deeply held and tenacious beliefs are unconscious. They operate through us. They create the habits and patterns in our life. But we’re only dimly aware of them, or not aware of them at all, until they suddenly manifest in our lives.

Your beliefs are at the core of every experience, decision, and pattern in your life. Change your beliefs, and you will change your experiences.

construction-300x224Beliefs are the foundation of your consciousness, upon which your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes are built.

You literally create your reality with your beliefs.

dilapIf you build a house on a unstable ground, it doesn’t matter how much redecorating you do. The house will eventually buckle and collapse.

Even if you fervently practice meditation, visualization, or business building skills, sneaky saboteurs in the basement of your mind will pull the foundation out from under you. Success and happiness will elude you. Your life dreams will collapse.

Upgrade Your Human Operating System

brain-open Your brain/mind is more sophisticated than the fastest supercomputer. Like a computer, you have an underlying Operating System. If your O.S. has faulty programming, havoc results – especially when you try to run a sophisticated application – like managing your life.

Negative beliefs operate like a badly programmed operating system, messing up everything in your life, preventing you from doing what you came here to do.

Do you ever have thoughts like these?

  • I’m not enough.
  • I can’t do it.
  • I’m not worthy.
  • I’ll never be like them.
  • I’m all alone.
  • I need to do more (or better) to be accepted.
  • There’s something wrong with me.
  • I’m fundamentally flawed.
  • Nobody wants what I have to offer.
  • If I speak up, something bad will happen.

These beliefs may appear as inner voices that criticize or diminish you. They can cause depression, self-loathing, over-achieving, self-sacrifice, or other negative conditions.

At the core of every bad feeling you have about yourself, and every limitation you have, there’s a belief operating in the background – like an annoying little machine that you can’t turn off.

Here’s the good news: Every belief, no matter how deep it resides in the subconscious mind, can be pulled up for examination, and changed. Simply and easily.

The Garden Of Your Mind

brain-tree When you build a new garden, you begin by clearing the ground, removing rocks and weeds. Then you amend the soil. Only THEN do you plant the fruits, vegetables and flowers you want to grow and enjoy.

The same thing is true in your subconscious mind:

First, clear your old beliefs out of the way. THEN, when you install new, empowering beliefs, they will grow and flourish in your life.

It’s that simple.

Beliefs Reside In The Subconscious Mind

If you want to change your beliefs, you have to work with them where they live. Your conscious mind isn’t the right tool for making changes in your subconscious – it’s like tilling the garden with a screwdriver.

water-300x201To pull old beliefs out by the root, you need an effective method that can dive down into the core of your psyche – your subconscious mind – deeper than words can go, deeper than talk therapy can go, deeper than new ideas, new behaviors, or a weekend workshop.

When you make changes in your subconscious mind directly, change is permanent. You become different. Life is different.

A shift at the core of the psyche has a palpable feel immediately. It expands outward into your life like ripples in a still pond. It moves outward easily, and effortlessly. The new belief you chose simply manifests – without resistance or struggle – without the need for repetition or continued processing.

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Beliefs Are The Lens You See The World Through

How you see yourself, and what you think about yourself, is determined by your core beliefs – the ones indoctrinated into you by your parents, family members, and caregivers when you were a child.

How you view, interact with, and react to others is colored by the beliefs about “others” you absorbed and learned at a young age.

glasses1-300x256Your experience of the world is shaped, colored, and distorted by your beliefs. The opportunities you see for yourself in the world are limited by your beliefs about what is possible for you. That’s why beliefs are often referred to as limiting beliefs – because they limit your possibilities.

Throughout your life, your experiences have been shaped by the beliefs you accumulated since your birth.  (And even before your birth…)

When you change the lens of your beliefs, you change both your perceptions and your experiences. Change your beliefs, and your circumstances and your possibilities also change.

It’s that simple. Except…

Why Beliefs Are Difficult To Change

Many people say, “Your beliefs create your reality.” Many people will tell you to “Just change your beliefs!”  But it’s not that easy.  You need specific tools that change your beliefs permanently.  Beliefs reside in your subconscious mind, below the level of your conscious awareness, so you need tools that make changes at that depth – in the subconscious. 

When you were an infant, before you could speak, your parents and caregivers began the process of your indoctrination. Those indoctrinated beliefs are still buried deep in your pre-verbal (or implicit) memory. Most methods can’t reach down into that level.

Those folks indoctrinated you for a good reason: they wanted you to survive and thrive. Since their beliefs allowed them to survive,  they wanted you to have the same beliefs. They thought you needed them.  They never questioned whether they were a good fit for you. They didn’t know any better.  It’s what their parents did to them.

You accepted this early programming eagerly, because you wanted to be like your parents, so they would like you.  This is a survival mechanism inside of all animals.  The more you are like your parents, the less likely they are to abandon you,  reject you, or leave you out for the wolves.

When you got older, you began to question some of those beliefs, and you decided to believe other things instead. However, your first beliefs remained in your subconscious, playing havoc with your life.  The ones you didn’t question became “That’s what’s true about me. That’s just how the world is.”

Take this opportunity to question all of your beliefs, get rid of the ones that aren’t working for you, and choose new ones consciously.  What you choose will determine your experience from this moment forward.

Why You React The Way You Do

When you react to someone or something, you’re seeing old beliefs at work. You may ask yourself:


  • Why did I say that?
  • Why did I do that?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • Why didn’t I choose love?
  • What caused me to react?
  • What the hell just happened?

Sudden Reaction Syndrome can be traced back to the beliefs and experiences buried deep in your subconscious mind. When your early childhood wounds get triggered, old patterns of response jump up and hijack your logical, adult mind. You can’t help it.

These programs are like mousetraps in your mind’s basement. They lie quietly until someone steps on them. Then they snap, and take control. You suddenly react. You react in a way that feels suddenly out of conscious control.

You can change these reactive patterns – if you’re willing to clean out your basement, where your old wounds and traumas from your childhood live.

Why Most Belief-Change Methods Don’t Work

Here’s a test for any method of changing beliefs: Did the problem go away completely? Did it stay away? Or did it return?

eyeEvery method works for some people some of the time. If a method creates permanent change, it’s a good methodology for you. But most methods create only temporary relief. The old beliefs or problems return, causing the same problem to appear over and over again.

Here’s why other methods don’t work very well:

  • Affirmations are new beliefs you decide to install. You say them over and over, all day long, but they don’t change anything at the subconscious level. Repeating affirmative statements is like stomping on a weed, hoping they die.  It makes you feel better for awhile, but those good feelings fade quickly – because the earlier beliefs haven’t been eliminated. So you’re constantly fighting against yourself.
  • That Belief Isn’t True. Many methods help you recognize that an old belief isn’t true anymore. For example, Byron Katie’s The Work helps you wake up to the impact the belief has had in your life, and you can see that it’s false at the conscious level. But this realization doesn’t clear the belief at the causal level, where beliefs are stored, in the subconscious mind.
  • Tap Your Problem Away.  Some belief-change techniques use muscle testing or tapping (e.g., EFT) to shift your attention and energy. They help to remind you to love yourself just the way you are (which is good advice!). At the moment you tap or test, your blocked energy is freed up (like an acupuncture treatment), and you can move forward. But too often, you re-meet those same negative beliefs further down the road.

If your old beliefs pop back up later, the process didn’t create permanent change. The problem isn’t you! The problem is with the method – it was only partially effective!

Here’s Some Good News

  • First: It’s not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you.
  • Second: You can change your beliefs permanently.

To get real, lasting change, you need to use a process that pulls your limiting and negative beliefs out by the roots. Otherwise, they’ll pop up later and re-create the same problem – over and over again.

Learn to Clear Your Beliefs permanently with the Clear Beliefs Coaching Program.

Imagine Living the Life You Truly Desire

Can you imagine this?


You’re no longer held back by old beliefs and stories.

There’s no resistance to doing what needs to be done.

You feel joy and positive energy as you move forward to create the life of your dreams.

Begin With A Mind Makeover

Manifestation is the process of envisioning what you want, and then doing whatever is necessary to turn it into a reality.

shellHowever, whenever you start a new project, or attempt to create something new, your old beliefs jump up and offer their unwanted advice: “You’ll never accomplish that.” “No one would pay money for it!” “Who do you think you are?”

Those discouraging words can stop you from moving forward. They WILL come up – it’s inevitable. It’s how beliefs work. So you need a way to clear those negative voices.

Clear Your Beliefs Coaching is a unique approach to solving this dilemma. The process changes your beliefs at the core of the psyche, so they never return.

Clear Whatever Is In The Way

puddleYou can finally remove those pesky blocks and barriers that keep getting in your way. Using a powerful (and fun) guided imagery process, you’ll be guided to reach down into your subconscious mind to the source of your old beliefs. When you delete them from here, they don’t come back. Old thoughts, doubts, and fears simply disappear – for good. Your life changes. You can create what you want, without interference.

The Clear Your Beliefs process frees you from unwanted negative voices and experiences by dissolving emotional and somatic anchors that hold your negative beliefs in place. As a result, you have more of the experiences you want, and fewer of the experiences you don’t want.

Is This A Guaranteed Cure-All?

praying to SolUnfortunately, no. There are no magic bullets that can remove your suffering instantly and magically. We use words like “You can create the life of your dreams…” to tell you what you CAN achieve, if you do the work.

No technique can cure your ills or transform your life if you don’t use it. It takes work and dedication on your part. As miraculous as this process is, there are no free rides.

During the past fifteen years, thousands of our clients have cleared almost every type of problem and issue known. When you place your attention on the source, at the causal level, down where your beliefs are stored, you can clear your earliest, pre-verbal programs. It takes some work, and it’s very effective.

The Clear Your Beliefs Coaching Program can:

  • Eliminate blocks, resistance, and fears that have prevented you from showing up authentically and fulfilling your purpose.
  • Remove the cold, wet blanket that your parents, teachers, and society threw over you (and your dreams) when you were young.
  • Give you the power to change your experiences – and your circumstances – at will.
  • Show you how to gain mastery over your moods, perceptions, and responses.

How the Clear Your Beliefs Program Shifts Your Life

lotus flower reflectedDuring the 9-week Clear Your Beliefs program, your coach will invite all aspects of you – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – to work together to transform your psychological set point – the inner structure of your personality that formed during your first years of life.

If you’re ready to remove limitations that have held you back, and create the life of your dreams, register for this carefully guided 9-part program, skillfully led by your Clear Beliefs coach, along with the recorded program by Lion Goodman, creator of the Clear Beliefs Process.

During each session, you’ll uproot subconscious beliefs that have interfered with your success, happiness and personal freedom. You’ll upgrade your health, your work, and your relationships. You’ll examine and eliminate beliefs that were programmed into you about yourself, other people, and the world.

The Clear Your Beliefs program includes seven pre-recorded guided sessions, which you can download and listen to anytime, plus nine live coaching sessions with a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach. They will meet with you once each week (or as you arrange, based on your schedule) to review the work you’ve done using the recorded class, and prepare you for the next session. Your coach will help you go deeper than you could possibly go on your own, guiding you carefully into the depths of your own subconscious beliefs, core wounds, childhood traumas, and blocks. You will learn how to clear them, one by one.

With This Methodology, You Can Finally:

  • Manifest your dreams and your life purposestone-doorway
  • Remove resistance and barriers
  • Open doors to new opportunities
  • Eliminate pain and suffering from the past
  • Experience more fulfillment in your relationships
  • Attract more abundance and prosperity
  • Increase your energy, vitality, and productivity

You’ll step more fully into living as the magnificent, radiant being you already are (and eliminate the fear of doing so!).


A Message from Lion Goodman…


Dear Explorer:

As a child, I believed there was something wrong with me. I didn’t look or feel like the other kids. I didn’t like who I was. I felt separate and alone. I didn’t know how to make it better.

I was gripped by some of life’s biggest questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? What makes me different? What is life about?”

I began to search for answers, learning everything I could, hoping someday I would figure it all out, and finally become normal and accepted. (Fortunately, the “normal” part never happened!)

After decades of studying psychology, neurology, philosophy, history, religions, and engaging in therapy, workshops, and spiritual practices, I found answers to most of my questions.

I noticed that whenever my life changed for the better, there had been shifts in my beliefs: When I changed my beliefs about myself, I became happier and more successful. When I changed my beliefs about others, my relationships improved. When I shifted my beliefs about the world and it’s possibilities, new opportunities came my way.

studiedThe most powerful leverage for success turned out to be my beliefs. So I searched for ways to change beliefs directly. I wanted a method that worked consistently, and transformed beliefs permanently.

The belief-change methods I studied turned out to be only partially effective. I asked Source to help me with this dilemma. And one day, I received a divine gift: a “download” – a way to delete beliefs easily and permanently by engaging the subconscious mind in a playful way. I called it The BeliefCloset Process® because it used the colorful metaphor of clothing in your closet to represent beliefs in your subconscious mind.

When your closet is crammed full of old outfits you’ll never wear, it’s time for some Spring cleaning!

The BeliefCloset Process turned out to be much more than a belief-delete button. It’s a method for healing deep psychological wounds.

Having worked with thousands of clients over the past decade, I’ve watched profound change echo through their lives, lightening their burdens and creating a brighter future. During the past decade, I’ve taught this methodology to hundreds of coaches, therapists and healers in 18 countries around the world. Testimonials from clients pour in, expressing deep gratitude for the ability to clear long-standing problems that other methods haven’t touched.

I am grateful to have brought it through. Now I want to share it with you. In the Clear Your Beliefs Coaching program, we’ll guide you shift beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. key

Your old programs might be creating a mess in your relationship with your partner, or your children. They might be limiting your business or financial success. Your beliefs about work may be making you unhappy, or your beliefs about your body may be impacting your health.

If you feel limited or stuck in any part of your life, there are beliefs underneath those feelings – and you can change them.

A lot of people say, “just change your beliefs…” as if it were easy. The truth is, it takes the right technique, applied in the right way, along with the right guidance.

In the Clear Your Beliefs course, you’ll get guidance from me, through a series of recorded classes, plus customized individual work with your professional Clear Your Beliefs Coach follow up on the  work you do between sessions. You’ll experience nine sessions of deep healing and transformation, going deeper and deeper with your coach. Clear your old beliefs, and create the life you want.

This is true self-empowerment. Decide what you want, and how you want to live. Then go out and make it so. Use the process to clear whatever gets in your way. Your light will shine more brightly, and new possibilities will open.

Live the life of your dreams. There’s nothing to stop you – except a few old beliefs…

In gratitude, and with warm wishes for your total success,


Lion Goodman, Creator of The BeliefCloset Process


Register Today and Discover What’s Possible

We are delighted to offer you this empowering program, which thousands of people from around the world have successfully completed. You’ll receive seven 90-minute recorded sessions, which you can listen to at your convenience.  In addition, you’ll be connected to one of our awesome Certified Clear Beliefs Coaches (they’re all over the world, so we can accommodate your schedule).

Each week, you’ll learn more about your old limiting and negative beliefs, and you’ll change them – permanently – with the BeliefCloset Process, a proven technology for inner transformation and empowerment, along with other techniques such as BodyWisdom, Voice Dialogue, and Inner Child work, as guided by your coach.  You’ll feel freer, more open, less reactive, more motivated, and able to carry out the actions that you’ve wanted to do for a long time.


Your 9 Sessions:
Session 0: Getting to Know Your Issues and Beliefs 

In your first meeting with your coach, you’ll get to know each other, and your coach will give you the assignment of beginning to document your beliefs in every area of your life.  You’ll look deeply into your childhood experiences, and identify where your negative and limiting beliefs came from, and why they continue to hold you back, or interfere with your forward momentum.

Your coach will give an overview of the work you’ll do together, and will schedule the next eight sessions with you.  You will work together to identify the particular issues and patterns you want to change, and the course will be customized to your needs.


Session 1: Pull All the Old Junk Out of Your BeliefCloset®

mod1When you begin Spring cleaning, the first step is that dreaded moment when you open the door to your closet, and realize that you have to take everything out in order to begin the sorting process, before you can decide what to keep and what to toss.

In this first session, you’ll examine your old beliefs, and determine which ones no longer serve you. It’s time to discard them and clear some space! You’ll get your first in-depth experience with the BeliefCloset Process and discover that you can permanently delete a belief from your past – even beliefs that have been annoying you for decades. You’ll feel more open, empowered and free to choose your beliefs and the way you live your life.

In Session 1, you will:

  • Discover old limiting beliefs that are deeply buried in your subconscious mind
  • Learn which ones keep you stuck, preventing you from having what you want in life
  • Experience a process that returns you to your True Self, the home of inner joy and bliss
  • Begin to work with, not against, your subconscious mind – where your beliefs reside


Session 2: Clear Your Negative Beliefs About Who You Are

sess2In the 2nd module, you’ll focus on issues and problems that have kept you from being happy and joyful.

What do you believe about yourself? Your idea of “Who I am” is based on beliefs and programming you got as a child. What messages did your parents, caregivers, and siblings plant in your child brain that still affect you? In the BeliefCloset, keeping your old beliefs about who you are is akin to keeping all of your infant clothes (including those smelly diapers!) in your closet. It’s time to haul them out, and toss them out! You don’t need them anymore. If you hear critical inner voices berating you, don’t miss this session. Rid yourself of those pesky critical voices along with the diapers!

In Session 2, you will:

  • Use the BeliefCloset Process to get underneath negative feelings about yourself
  • Clear old, limiting beliefs about who you are, and what you deserve, so you can enjoy life again
  • See your own magnificence through a new clear lens of your own beauty and joy


Session 3: Clear Your Limiting Beliefs About What You Are Capable Of

sess3Your abilities are limited only by your beliefs. If someone else can do it, so can you.

This isn’t a magic pill – you still have to learn skills and practice them – but the only thing in your way is your old beliefs.

What are you capable of? If your answer is “Anything…” you don’t need this session. But most of us think too small…

Our will has been weakened from lack of use – like muscles that shrink when they’re not exercised. We let our negative beliefs stop us. You may hear internal voices say, “What’s the use? You’ll fail anyway. You don’t deserve happiness – look at you!” We were shamed into thinking that we were less than others.We learned to compare ourselves to others – and we always lose that contest. Clear out any apparent limitations you’ve taken on, and find your true power to create what you want. Do whatever you need to do in order to achieve your vision.

Do you have beliefs that stop you from dreaming big, or following through? Do you procrastinate or get distracted? In this session, you’ll eliminate those beliefs and relieve yourself of those symptoms. You’re already a master manifestor – you’re just manifesting your old programs!

In Session 3, you will:

  • Identify old beliefs that stand between you and creating the life you want
  • Dissolve the old beliefs that get in your way over and over, or make you quit when you’re partway there.
  • Imagine what it means to live without self-imposed limitations, trusting that you can create anything you want


Session 4: Clear Your Outdated Beliefs About Love and Relationships

sess4In this session, you’ll delete beliefs that interfere with your personal relationships.

If you’re married, are you happy and secure? Or are you anxious about the future? If you’re not in a relationship, what’s holding you back from finding your ideal mate?

Humans are social creatures – we must relate to others to survive. At our core, we want a security and safety, but we also want passion and romance. You learned “what love is” from your parents – so it’s no wonder that you’re confused! Most of us repeat patterns we learned from our early childhood. We watched our parents interact, and Mom and Dad’s relationship became our model of what a relationship is supposed to look like. In your family, love may have been contaminated by disdain, contempt, withdrawal, or abuse. We were programmed to repeat their patterns – without conscious choice. This session looks at early infant bonding patterns and how those patterns get reproduced in our adult relationships unconsciously – until we change them.


In Session 4, you will:

  • Look deeply into the childhood patterns that enabled you to survive and thrive
  • See which of your beliefs now interfere with your intimate relationships
  • Discover how easy it is to shift these beliefs at the core of the psyche and transform relationship difficulties into vibrant, loving interactions


Session 5: Clear Your Old Beliefs About Money and Work

sess5In this session, you’ll focus on money, wealth and abundance – or the lack thereof!

What do you believe about earning a living in today’s economy? Is money really the root of all evil?

If you want to experience true abundance, you have to eliminate the belief that money is bad – or a problem. Your current financial state is a reflection of the beliefs you inherited from your family, religion, and culture. Can you see their influence?

In Session 5, you will:

  • Examine your family and cultural beliefs about money, work, poverty and “deservingness.”
  • Remove beliefs that create stumbling blocks in the way of natural abundance
  • Create new beliefs that enable you to open to the flow of money and resources, and the life of abundance you want – and deserve
  • Learn why affirmations alone, and the “Law of Attraction,” don’t work, regardless of how diligently you practice them


Session 6: Clear Uncomfortable Beliefs About Your Body and Health

sess6In this session, you’ll focus on issues and problems with your health – whether they appear in your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body.

Ill health (dis-ease) is often the result of beliefs that were indoctrinated into you, or conclusions you came to when you came to certain conclusions during your early childhood. What do you believe and perceive about your body? Your health? Your age? Your vitality? Your ability to heal? The future of your health?

In Session 6, you will:

  • Identify old beliefs that stand between you and vibrant health
  • Recognize beliefs that make you vulnerable to disease and injury
  • Dissolve old beliefs at the root of illness, bad habits and lifestyle stress
  • Imagine the healthy, vibrant body you want, and create it consciously with new beliefs


Session 7: Clear Out The Rest Of The Junk In Your BeliefCloset!

sess7In this final session, you’ll examine any remaining issues or challenges in your life, and learn how to use the BeliefCloset Process to eliminate them, one belief at a time.

You’ll learn additional techniques for eliminating uncomfortable sensations and feelings, and open opportunities to experience the miracles of life.

When you know that your feelings, perceptions, and circumstances are all created by your beliefs, and when you have a technique for identifying them and eliminating them, you’ll have the power of any Creator – the power to shape the world as you decide, creating a better place for you and those you love.

In Session 7, you will:

  • Scan your life for problems and interference, and put them under the BeliefCloset microscope so you can uproot negative core beliefs – where they live
  • Learn to use the BeliefCloset Process on your own, anytime, so you can become the Captain of your fate – and your own experience – for the rest of your life
  • Find your True Self – the creator of your reality – and recognize it as the truth of who you really are


Final Session: Review of Your Progress, and Setting the Course for Your Future

In the 9th session, you will review the progress you’ve made, and your coach will help you review the arc of your inner development.  Together, you’ll examine your short-term and long-term goals, and your coach will prescribe particular processes you can do on your own from this point forward, and will also offer additional guidance as required, as you bring your creative potential into the life you desire.

Life, and Manifestation, are both full of forward momentum, and also problems and issues that come up along the way.  No one can solve all of their problems in 9 weeks, but you’ll complete this course with a set of powerful tools to use for the rest of your journey, and a trusted guide who can continue to support you into the future.


You’ll Also Receive the Clear Your BeliefsBonus Collection

In addition to these seven transformational sessions, you’ll also receive these awesome bonus interviews and gifts. These two world luminaries will complement your learning and progress during the course, and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Bonus #1: Love: What Makes It So Confusing?
Guest Faculty: Carista Luminare, Ph.D.

Carista Portrait 3We all want more love in our life, but something keeps getting in the way. We can’t seem to stop hurting each other. What’s going on?

Lion interviews Carista Luminare, Ph.D., author of Parenting Begins Before Conception, President of Luminary Leadership Institute, and co-creator of Confused About Love? and The Power of Love program. (She is also known as Lion’s fiance’)

Carista shares the latest research on how our early bonding patterns with our parents play out repeatedly in our adult relationships. We’re confused about what love is, and how to love. The answers are in our neurology, our earliest programming, and our beliefs about love and how to get it.

Learn how to determine your own (and your partner’s) LoveStyle, using the LoveStyle Profile Quiz (Bonus # 2). You’ll also get some practical tips for healing old wounds and bringing passion and security back into your relationship.

Carista Luminare
, Ph.D., is President of Luminary Leadership Institute. She has 30 years experience as a consultant, counselor and coach to executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations. Her comprehensive, holistic parenting methodology is described in her groundbreaking book, “Parenting Begins Before Conception.” In partnership with Lion, she developed LLI’s leading-edge evolutionary leadership program. After graduating from Harvard University in Psychology and Social Relations in 1978, she pioneered educational and therapeutic programs focused on the integration of the personality and soul.


Bonus #2 – The LoveStyle Profile Quiz

bon2Take this 5-minute assessment to learn how your childhood bonding patterns impact your adult relationships. Developed by Carista Luminare and Lion Goodman, you’ll receive a complete ten-page report that introduces you to the 5 LoveStyles, and shows you where you are on each spectrum.


Bonus #3: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting
Guest Faculty: Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

bon3Why don’t affirmations and the Law of Attraction work? You’ll learn why in this interview with internationally acclaimed author and teacher Anodea Judith, one of the world’s leading experts on the Chakras. Her books have sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide.

Lion and Anodea discuss the principles of Manifestation outlined in their book, Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras. Beliefs are at the core of the manifestation process, and their book is a step-by-step manual for turning any dream into a reality by taking a single idea down through the chakras and into the real world. You’ll receive the first two chapters of the book as Bonus #4, below.

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. is the author of Wheels of Life, Eastern Body/Western Mind, Creating On Purpose (with Lion Goodman), and The Global Heart Awakens. She leads workshops on the chakras, psychological development, and spiritual transformation in the U.S. and around the world. Her books are considered classics in their field, and are used by many schools as textbooks for classes on healing and psychological development.


Bonus #4: Excerpt from the book, “Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras”

creating-on-purposeCreating On Purpose is a step-by-step guide to the manifestation process. In this free sample, you will:

  • Be called to awaken your already-powerful ability to create the life of your dreams
  • Learn how the chakras represent two human challenges: liberation (from the bottom up) and manifestation (from the top down)
  • Understand the 7 chakras as stepping stones along the path of the manifestation process
  • Gain an understanding of resistance, obstacles, and barriers that come up as you create what you want in life
  • Learn a process that can strengthen your power of intention


Bonus #5: Change Your Beliefs eBook

TYB Cover

You’ll also receive a copy of Lion’s multimedia eBook, “Clear Your Beliefs: Delete Your Limiting Beliefs and Transform Your Life.

Lion explains the theory behind The BeliefCloset Process, and offers an explanation for why you do what you do, and why it’s so difficult to change your habitual patterns of thought and behavior.

It’s a beautifully produced primer on beliefs – where they come from, how they affect us, and what it takes to change them.


Bonus #6: Complete Transcripts of the Course

ReportsLandingYou’ll also receive a complete set of downloadable PDF transcripts from the course, so you can refer to the material anytime in written form. This includes all 7 classes, plus two bonus interviews!


Your Professional Coaching Sessions

The Clear Your Beliefs Program includes nine sessions with a Certified Clear Your Beliefs Coach.  He or she will accompany you on your journey and guide you, step-by-step, through the process.

Clear Your Beliefs Coaches have been trained to help you deal with almost any issue, regardless of how long it’s been interfering with your life. Your coach will safely guide you down to the deepest levels of your psyche – which can be difficult to get to all by yourself – yet it’s where the most powerful changes occur. He or she will meet with you by phone (or Skype) each week, on a day that fits your schedule, at a time that’s convenient for you. (You may adjust the weekly schedule to suit your needs.)

Your coach will guide you through any difficult inner terrain you might encounter, and help you identify and delete difficult-to-locate core beliefs – including core wounds, childhood traumas, bad early programming, and even issues of unknown origin.

[Note: Our coaches help you change your own beliefs and reduce or eliminate the impact they’ve had on your life. They are not licensed psychotherapists or physicians. If you have a medical or mental health issue, please consult an appropriate professional who specializes in your particular diagnosis.]

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Purchase Today and You’ll Receive:

Seven 90-Minute Recorded Sessions

Learn one of the world’s most powerful belief-change technologies, from the comfort of your own home. Each class session gives you the skill to easily change your beliefs – with 60 minutes of teaching followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. Listen online, or download high-quality MP3s and listen anytime.

Nine 1-hour Customized Coaching Sessions

You will work one-on-one with a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach.  We choose our coaches carefully. They have rigorous training, and we only choose the best for this program.  They are located all over the world, so we choose one nearest your time zone.  You can work with them by phone or Skype, based on your schedule.

Plus: The Entire BONUS Collection:

=> What Makes Love So Confusing? – Audio interview featuring Carista Luminare, Ph.D.
=> The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting – Audio interview featuring Anodea Judith, Ph.D.
=> Your Childhood Bonding Pattern Assessment: The LoveStyle Profile Quiz
=> Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting through the Chakras – The first 2 chapters from the book by Lion Goodman and Anodea Judith (PDF)
=> Clear Your Beliefs: Unleash Your Magnificence and Change Your World Multimedia eBook by Lion Goodman (PDF)
=> A complete set of PDF Transcripts of all seven classes plus two bonus calls.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

15dayguarYour satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE the Clear Your Beliefs program, and you don’t feel that it serves your growth and development, simply let us know anytime during the program, and we’ll happily issue you a pro-rated refund. You can keep the bonuses as our gift to you.


About Lion Goodman

lion-faceLion is C.E.O. of Luminary Leadership Institute, a consulting firm dedicated to bringing leaders of businesses and organizations into alignment with their True Self and their highest virtues.

He is the creator of The Clear Beliefs Process®, and author of “Clear Your Beliefs: Delete Your Limiting Beliefs and Transform Your Life.”

He is the co-author, with Anodea Judith, of “Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting.”  With his partner, Carista Luminare, Ph.D., he has created programs for couples and singles who want to create a more secure and passionate relationship.

Lion has more than 35 years experience in transformational coaching.  He coaches executives, teachers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and other coaches, as well as high-acheiving individuals who are 100% committed to changing their lives for the better.

He also has extensive experience in entrepreneurial businesses, spiritual practice, and men’s work. He is a co-founder of The Tribe of Men, an initiatory program for men, and served as Director of Men’s Programs for The Shift Network, where he created programs that served more than 20,000 people around the world. He blogs at and



Praise for Lion and Clear Your Beliefs

“You helped me resolve in a short time issues in my life that I’ve struggled with for years. In addition, I can use the tools you’ve taught me to deal with any difficult circumstance that may appear in the future.”

– G. J., software developer


“Lion’s decades of experience in all facets of transformation combined with his profound love, great sense of humor and powerful commitment to humanity make him an outstanding facilitator for awakening and liberation. If you choose to work with him, you’ll grow to love him, as I do.”

~ Stephen Dinan, CEO and founder, The Shift Network


“In just one BeliefCloset session, I experienced a subtle and profound shift in the way I relate to my children. It continues to enrich the way I’m able to be fully present with them each and every day.”

~ Jamee Tenzer, Life Coaching for Working Women


“Thank you taking me back to the beginning to help me hit the “reset” button. You demonstrated your mastery and provided an unbelievable learning opportunity. Thank you for showing me that there are no limits in the Imaginal Realm, and for reinforcing the power that resides in the BeliefCloset Process. I am humbled and very grateful. I may never truly be able to comprehend all that happened and the changes to my mindset and my life. I wish I could put how I feel into words. My outlook is brighter, my steps seems lighter, and losing weight is now just an overdue task to take care of, without all the shame and emotions that had always been attached to it. “

~ S.K., Life Coach, Ontario, Canada


“What an extraordinary experience! The process is simple, straightforward, powerful, and FUN! Changing beliefs is no longer a heavy, ponderous, months-long process. I finished my session with a smile, and the anxiety triggered by my old beliefs has disappeared. My new ‘belief-outfits’ are perfect for me, and I’m wearing them with joy and enthusiasm!”

~ D. T., Physical Therapist, Denver, CO


“The BeliefCloset Process is like a magic wand – I can easily and quickly change any aspect of myself by changing my beliefs.”

~ T. S., Business Owner, Yukon, Canada


“The BeliefCloset Process gave me the room to safely acknowledge and work through my hidden, unconscious beliefs. I am now free of the past and can see myself more clearly than ever before.”

~ T. L., Healer, Stamford, CT


“I clearly saw how and why I was doing the things I do. I realized that my difficulties stemmed from my beliefs – especially those I was unaware of. I appreciate the sincerity and integrity of the BeliefCloset Process.”

~ R. D., Benedictine Priest, San Francisco, CA


“The BeliefCloset Process has been exceedingly helpful to me on my own internal journey, and it’s a tool I reach for frequently in my psychotherapy practice. It leads to discovery, insight, and change, often with an element of lyricism and poignancy. The explorations are both gentle and profound, and it provides rich material for reflection in the endlessly imaginative outfits that appear in the BeliefCloset. It provides real world results for my clients, and I continue to use, both in my practice and in my own personal growth.”

~ Martha Bear, Psychotherapist, BeliefCloset Practitioner


“I uncovered beliefs I didn’t know I had, including: “I’m wretched. There is no God. I am ashamed of myself. I am unworthy of God.” It was an intense process! Each time I deleted an old belief, something shifted at my core. I then replaced each one with a positive belief for my life. That old heavy weight around my heart just lifted off me. I’ve been in awe ever since. You’ve found a powerful way to access the deep subconscious mind!”

~ Maria Garcia, yoga teacher and BeliefCloset Practitioner


“This valuable tool will enhance your life in ways you cannot imagine. It’s added extraordinary value to my life. I feel calmer overall, and know I have a tool that will enable me to keep growing and expanding.”

~ C.T., Performance and Life Coach


“I now feel empowered to create the life I want, and believe I can accomplish all my goals through shifting my thinking. I am no longer fearful of my limiting beliefs, because now I have a tool to change them.”

– M.M., International Business Consultant



Satisfaction Guaranteed

15dayguarYour satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE the Clear Your Beliefs program, and you don’t feel that it serves your growth and development, simply let us know within 15 days of your purchase, and we’ll happily issue you a full refund. You can keep the bonuses as our gift to you. (Refund policy applies only to the recorded program. CYB Coaches are responsible for their own refund policy and any refunds for unused coaching hours.)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a virtual course?

A: It’s a great way to engage with professional teachers from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and an mp3 audio player. If you choose the option of working with a Clear Your Beliefs coach, you’ll work by phone or Skype at a time that’s most convenient to you.

In addition to excellent guidance and feedback, you can ask questions and deepen your exploration of the course themes. Note that you will be calling your coach for your support sessions, and your telephone service provider will charge you according to your existing long-distance calling plan. You can use Skype or Google Voice to call your coach.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: You can download the course recordings, transcripts, and bonus materials from our online media archive to your own computer, so you’ll have copies permanently. Your Passcode, issued upon purchase, will allow you access to the material on the site for one year from your date of purchase.

Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: We offer a limited number of partial scholarships each year, giving preference to veterans, to those in developing countries, and to those who are doing important but underpaid work. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please send a written request to, with a description of your circumstances and your offer of what you can pay.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Your satisfaction with this course is our highest priority! If you find within 15 days of purchase that the course is not meeting your needs, or the process is simply not working for you, please send a description of your concern to If we cannot address your concerns and make it work for you, we offer a full refund (minus any used coaching time) so you can try out the course risk-free. No refunds are available after 15 days from your date of purchase.

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?

A: Please send an email to We’ll get back to you within 48 hours (sometimes longer over weekends).

Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

A: We take your privacy very seriously. Your name and email are never shared with any other organization or person. We add your name and email to our customer database, and periodically send you newsletters and announcements with information about our programs and products. Our mailing list includes a number of brands, so you may see emails from,, or

You may unsubscribe anytime you wish. Unsubscribing will opt you out of all of our communications, so you will not hear about our other opportunities or our curriculum.

All information that you provide to your Clear Your Beliefs Coach will be held in strictest confidence, and will never be shared with anyone, with one exception: your Coach may communicate and consult with Lion Goodman for his support and for quality control purposes. He holds all personal information in the strictest of confidence, as well.