The Clear Your Beliefs Program

The Clear Your Beliefs coaching program is a combination of 8 individualized coaching sessions customized to your specific needs, plus our  7-part audio series of in-depth belief clearing sessions.

Use the program to eliminate your limiting and negative beliefs, childhood wounds, resistance, or interference in any part of your life: work, relationships, finances, health, love, career, manifestation, or your life purpose.

Clear Your Beliefs Coaching Program – 8 hours of in-depth transformational coaching plus our 7-part Audio Program:


You’ll receive 8 deep-dive coaching sessions from your Clear Beliefs Coach, who will help you excavate the old beliefs, patterns, and wounds that have held you back from your full potential. You’ll also receive the complete 7-part recorded audio program, which will take you on a journey into your subconscious mind and core beliefs. Each week, you’ll work through one recorded program, then your Clear Beliefs Coach will take you even deeper, customizing the program to your needs – so you get the optimum benefit from each step of the program.

If you have been sent here by one of our Certified Clear Beliefs Coaches, they will be your coach during the program.  If you weren’t referred by one of our coaches, we will assign one our top coaches to work with you based on your location and availability.

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Clear Your Beliefs Audio Program Only


This audio series is designed for people who are motivated to clear their own beliefs, and do the work required to explore their subconscious mind, practice the methodology, heal their past, and open new possibilities for their future.  

Those who complete it report extraordinary results.

The audios will guide you, step by step, to uncover and change your deepest subconscious beliefs.  However… your ego has good reasons to create resistance, blocks and distractions. It doesn’t want you to change your underlying structures that your ego is built upon. It’s easy to get waylaid along the way, so we offer this caution up front. 

We offer the better option of working with a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach who will guide you through your inner jungle and be assured of success.  

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Clear Your Beliefs Coaching with Lion Goodman, PCC:


You’ll receive everything included above, plus get personal coaching by Lion Goodman, PCC, creator of the Clear Beliefs Method and the Clear Your Beliefs Program.

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Our eBook: Clear Your Beliefs

Download a copy of our eBook, Clear Your Beliefs, and learn about the scientific and philosophical underpinnings of the Clear Beliefs Method and this program.  More than 13,000 people have downloaded the book and learned about their subconscious patterns.  The book includes the first step in your exploration, the Belief Self-Diagnosis Exercise.  ABSOLUTELY  FREE.


Free 15-minute consultation with a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach

If you’d like more information about the Clear Your Beliefs program, or if you have questions, schedule a complimentary 15-minute conversation with one of our Certified Clear Beliefs Coaches.

If you’re considering  the program, but have concerns, doubts, or reluctance, choose this option.  (Remember: those are all beliefs – and they can be cleared if the program is right for you.)

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