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Can We Consciously Change Commonly Held Beliefs on a Global Scale?

Most people now recognize that negative and limiting beliefs impact our lives, preventing us from being happy, and interfering with our forward movement toward our goals.  It has also become obvious that old tribal, cultural, religious and societal beliefs  are impacting all of us at the collective social, and political level.

For more than a decade, we have been using an effective methodology for deleting limiting and negative beliefs from the core of the psyche: “Clear Your Beliefs.”  The process eliminates old beliefs completely – even deeply ingrained beliefs, the ones stored deep in the subconscious mind.  The CYB process also opens space to consciously choose new, positive, empowering beliefs that create better experiences, conditions, and success in life.
We believe that the same methodology can be used to eliminate collective social and cultural beliefs.

Recording of the first Global Belief Relief
April 6th, 2016
on the Gathering for Change Agents

In this social experiment, we gathered together in virtual space to delete the collective belief, Women are ‘less than’ men.”

Imagine the possibilities: hundreds of people from around the world gather together to shift a commonly held belief that has impacted large numbers of people negatively.  For example, “Women are ‘less-than’ men.”  If the Collective Unconscious could be tapped, as we tap into an individual’s Subconscious Mind, we may be able to shift the Collective Mind to believe, “Women are the equal collaborative partners of Men.”  New possibilities would certainly open for the individuals involved, and potentially, new possibilities would open at the social level, for the larger whole of society.  

Collective belief change has been a goal of all major social movements, from Gandhi’s “India can be free of British Rule,” to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream,” to Kennedy’s “We can land a man on the moon.”  Great visionaries bring new beliefs to the masses, and when collective beliefs (memes) change, the world changes.    

Rather than waiting for a leader to shift our collective consciousness, let’s take this task into our own hands. Today.

Global meditation and peace events are now being conducted by groups such as and  These experiments are focused on expanding possibilities for global peace and harmony.  Lynne McTaggart wrote about collective mind shift in her book, “The Intention Experiment.” David Nichol discusses the possibilities for virtual political change in his book, “Subtle Activism.”

What social beliefs would you change?

Imagine changing “War is the only solution to conflict,” to “There are many paths to peace when all people are cared for.

Imagine changing “There are winners and losers,” to “All humans are worthy of respect and care.”

The actions of a single individual can make a difference, The actions of a small, committed group can make an even bigger difference.  As Margaret Mead said,  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. “

Join us to test this theory about collective belief change. Let’s find out how big a difference we can make at the global level. Let’s create magic together.

Our first Global Belief Relief experiment was on April 6th, 1016. Listen to the 60-minute experience in collective belief change (link at the top of page).

Sponsored by The Gathering for Change Agents, an initiative of the True Purpose Institute.


Lion Goodman, Creator of Clear Your Beliefs

Nina Potter, Core Spirit Relationship Coach

Sherri Pula, Director of Training, Clear Your Beliefs

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